Selecting A Dallas Remodeler

As a homeowner in Dallas, if you are searching the Internet for remodel contractors to perform Kitchen Remodeling Dallas or Bathroom Remodeling Dallas, you will be presented with hundreds if not thousands of bathroom contractors or kitchen contractors. How do you go about selecting the best Dallas remodeler?

Selecting A Remodeler:

Whether it is a complete home remodeling or bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, you have to be selective about the remodeler you are hiring to get the job done right. Follow a few basic points below and you could save yourself some money and have a peace of mind:

Referral is one of several approaches to locate a reliable contractor. Find out from your friends and family members and ask if they know ones.

Another proven approach is to CALL the contractor’s past customers through References and Testimonials and find out about their experiences with the contractor. Ask whether the contractor completed the project promptly? or Were they right on budget? Were the customers happy with the projects? Were they comfortable with the contractor in their homes? Did the contractor clean up any mess at the end of the day before they leave?

By the way, here is our experience with the Better Business Bureau:

All they want is a fee each year. We received many email invitations from them and it all comes down to joining and paying a fee.

Here is basically how it works: if an unhappy customer filed a complaint with the BBB against a contractor and the contractor paid the BBB to be a member, then the BBB will assist the contractor to resolve the complaint and the contractor is still considered in good standing with the BBB although he or she has received a complaint or complaints from unhappy customers. If the contractor is not affiliated with the BBB or is not paying the BBB a fee then he or she is facing or may have to deal with the bad grades and negative ratings from the BBB. Fortunately, we are a company always striving to deliver quality service to our customers, so we do not need to PAY the BBB to obtain the GOOD grades.

Also, during the process of obtaining and comparing estimates, make sure you compare the materials which the contractors intend to use for the project. Materials make a difference in cost of remodeling. Pay attention to hidden cost or unexpected price change allowed and hidden in the contract terminology.

Finally, once you are ready to select a contractor, take some time to interview the remodelers to get an idea of how experience they are. Since you are not buying a product, you can not actually see what the finished product will look like. If possible, ask for photos of completed projects to determine the quality of the workmanship. By the way, ask and verify that the photos they presented to you or through their websites depict the actual projects completed by the remodelers. Many kitchen and bathroom remodeling photos are selling online for just a few dollars each. Also find out whether the remodelers are licensed or bonded. Request to see the credentials for peace of mind.

After having selected a remodeler who met your requirements, it is time to gather renovation ideas. Bathroom and kitchen are two important areas which can add or decrease the value of your home.

Tips For Bathroom Remodeling:

Discuss with your bathroom contractor thoroughly and make sure he or she know exactly how you want the bathroom to look when it is remodeled.

Walk around the bathroom and visualize how you want it to be. Pay attention to the shape of the bathroom area. This will give you ideas such as whether to remodel it with a new jacuzzi tub or turn an existing tub to include a new shower. How height do you want the shower head at to be comfortable? Do you have enough space for a full bench inside the enclosure? If not, what about a corner bench? Is there sufficient space to add new storage cabinets? How about maximizing the available space to have a spacious bathroom to add value to it. Travertine is becoming popular on many bathroom remodels. Use only water resistant sheetrock; Apply mildewcide paint and take advantage of natural light with Dallas weather to minimize mildew.

Tips For Kitchen Remodeling:

Again, discuss with your kitchen contractor thoroughly and make sure he or she can visualize the finished project before starting the work. Take into consideration a couple of points below:

If you are changing the layout of an existing kitchen, pay attention to the shape of the kitchen area. Where do you want to place the new appliances? Is existing plumbing in place at the locations where you want to place the new sinks or dishwasher etc……..What about the ice maker line.

What kind of material to select for the countertops? Granite last longer and it adds value to your kitchen. Other materials such as tile and stone are good alternatives but granite has its advantages over others.

Try to stay away from any wood materials for kitchen flooring. A water leak from the dishwasher, for example, can easily damage the wood floor. Install tile or stone on kitchen flooring not only add value to your new remodeled kitchen, it is also easier to clean and maintain.

Follow these tips and they will save you money and heartache in the long run on your home remodeling, bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling.

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